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Survivors is spread across 7 non-linear zones.  After an initial acclimatisation, moving beyond the crash-site, you are faced immediately with the task at hand commencing in the island zone.

The Environment

The Islands

The islands of Carbonyl once provided a beautiful and picturesque panorama.  Now it’s littered with refuse and crashed ships, it’s seas poisoned from rocket fuel and discarded machinery. It’s here where many of the droid survivors have grouped together for safety.

The islands are covered in trash, cargo containers and patrolled by scavenger droids moving between the islands searching for items of value, in this case it’s the droids and they will stop at nothing to get to them, especially if that involves destroying you.

Crashed HyperCargon – Fore & Aft (2 Zones)

The HyperCargon is a huge transport ship that has come down on Carbonyl (the planet setting for Survivors) the ship has broken into 2 large pieces, each housing key parts, weapons and possible clues to escaping the clutches of the planet.

The holding bays are patrolled by droids and certainly do not provide safe haven, coupled with poor lighting and tight spaces to manoeuvre it provides an altogether different challenge to the island zone.

River Escort

A huge river runs like a vein through Carbonyl, powering the Recyclomators providing key resources to the overall planet. It also provides an ideal route to escape the Cyclomators and safely route the survivor Legion droids to a passageway off the planet.

That is until you are discovered!

The Recyclomator Farm

The Recyclomators are a core part of the planet’s infrastructure.  They perform 2 functions, 1) to house and recharge the Cyclomators and 2) provide capability needed to extract valuable resources from the planets ‘waste’ and refine it into riches.

Mothership Crash site

In a location distant from your final crash site, and the start of the game, you find the answers to why you are here and the drive to seek escape and vengeance. Spread across the area you find your ship, your initial home, I feel some memories coming back…

The Summit

The clues in the name, will you survive the planets clutches and escape?

Sandwiched between each site, are various challenges that need to be completed, testing your timing, ingenuity and patience.

Register your interest for Survivors, and get ready to take the fight to your enemies.

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