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The characters are a core part of the game and prior to any of the full gameplay kicking in, you are introduced to Armell as he contends with an unexpected challenge. But prior to this point little of his backstory and the other characters is known.  The below gives you an insight into what drives them and what has brought them to the point in which you engage with their story.

Armell Luna – Freighter pilot, family man, occasional sharp shooter seeks a new life with his family. Beset with adversity, and the greed of so called friends, Armell, his wife and Oberon his friend/engineering genius, make their way across the galaxy of Triptic. Focussing all he has, he puts in all his savings and efforts into one last big haul. Bringing in the “Big One”, will make his dream a reality. We join Armell as he faces the final leg of his journey, and it’s safe to say it’s not going to be a smooth ride home.

Espa Luna – Life long love or Armell, Espa is the backbone of the family. She took the lead in the family when challenges beset Armell, and life became almost too much for him.  Holding the family together, she supported Armell through the mental challenges he faced, giving him a strength of belief that he could make his dream of a new life together become a reality.

Oberon Oscaa – “Oberon, a friend with a mind the size of a planet”.  Not my words, but the words of Oberon they would say. Never short on confidence in his abilities, he could craft pretty much anything out of scraps of metal and rescue any situation from the clutches of defect.  That’s one reason for him hanging on in there for the challenge ahead. Having said that, Oberon never left the side of his friend, supporting him through the ups and downs of life. He believed 100% in Armells’ dream and what it would mean to him and his wife.  Oberon too, has his secrets, and despite the friend that he is, he’s pretty adept at keeping himself to himself.

So that’s the main characters, certainly in Act 1, and as the gameplay kicks in you join the ‘team’ on what is a significant trip.

The team onboard consist of you, your wife and Oberon (ship engineer) and friend to the family.

You join as the ship is making it final pass beyond Crenic, a planet on the border of humanity, where within touching distance, you will make your final delivery on the moon just beyond.

This is where things go wrong. This is where things get a bit misty, and all you can hear are those alarms, the ringing, the bleeping…”

This is where we need you, to step in, can you save the day?

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