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Update – The final yards

It’s been a while since the last update, but a lot of work has been progressing on Survivors and I’m not too far away now from getting the game out there, into the App Store, and into your hands.

So what’s been happening?

Well as per my last update, a lot of focus has gone into refining the gameplay elements and good news is that it’s heading in the right direction. 

After some independent feedback, some beta testing and stepping back a bit over the XMAS period, I looked objectively at what was there, tweaked a few bits and also realised that the narrative was somewhat lacking. 

For me this is an important part of the game, I appreciate that a lot of mobile gamers just want a pick up, play for 5 mins and put down experience, but for me I wanted to offer that little bit more. In my mind I didn’t just want to create a game that reflected upon my personal experiences of favourite games of the past, but also invest time in a storyline, that weaves it way into saving the survivors, and taking down the bad guys.

One area where I felt this was the case, was the start of the game.  Initially it was a bit too cryptic, testers didn’t feel so connected, and the pacing wasn’t right. So this necessitated the creation of an initial, very short interactive sequence.

Queue up the “Initial interactive Story level”! – The first scene in the game now has you (the player) join the characters Armell and Oberon as they face a challenging and unexpected descent to the planet below. Struggling for control of the ship, all systems failing, a narrative is weaved positioning you as Armell and the fate that has befallen him. 

This sequence of events sets the tone of their relationship, it’s an important scene and builds the background as to why you as the player would want to press ahead and find the answers.

So, with this scene now in place the game has a strengthened back bone, as well as a visual treat of an intro sequence to the game.  It’s been a few weeks, almost at a tangent to the rest of the gameplay, but 100%, it was time well spent.

What else has been progressing?  

Some fine tuning of the weapons and achievements was another aspect that came through from the testing and user feedback groups.

So, a lot of time has also gone into that, predominantly the achievement based aspects that lead to upgrades being available to weapons. This has now largely been achieved through better tuning of the paths of upgrade in the game but also via some additional short sections to break up the gameplay.  Some puzzle based challenges that fit well with the gameplay style but also present a breather from the action.

So then what remains, well, the largest part of work now to be competed sits firmly in the texturing phase.  All the grey box models have been replaced with final game meshes and the texturing tools have now been fired up to complete the build.

To accompany the development, and the commencement of texturing, here are a few screenshots for the 2/3rds completed descent craft, Safe1!

We are then into final user testing, with many of the bugs having been closed off through the dev lifecycle.  I’ll keep updating you as activities progress!

Oh lastly, take a look at my interview with Adrian of Arcade Attack at on their website here It’ll gives a bit of background into me, some more game screenshots and should hopefully be an interesting read!

Thanks for reading.

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