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Your Ship – The Metalio

Your day doesn’t start so well.

You can’t remember much of anything, but it must of been better than waking up, face down in a puddle and having to crawl to safety within the confines of a scrappy mining ship. This is your introduction to Survivors and where you spend 99% of your time, the Metalio hovership.

The planet was originally a mining planet, but as time moved on, it was commercialised and run by robots. As a result old ships like the Metalio were left to rot, if it needed a pilot, it was too old skool, too expensive to run and abandoned.

The Metalio is discovered by you in basic form, it flies but it’s not the most manoeuvrable of craft and although there’s a mounting point for a weapon, its been stripped from the ship for its value. However all is not lost, the planet is rich with crashed ship cargo and you can use that to craft what you need and yet your craft ‘ship shape’!

Hovercraft in flight
Weapon upgrades are required to make progress through levels
Your ship starts off pretty beaten up, you’ll need to upgrades to stand any chance

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