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The survivor droids are in the same predicament as you as the protagonist.

For the same reason as you, they are stranded on a planet with little ability to escape without your assistance.

However, despite their rather simple appearance and lack of any real apparent abilities the droids harness extreme power, shielded only by the oppression of the planet itself. It is through this, that you both share a mutual goal, save the droids and in turn you can save yourself.


In terms of the design, I wanted to go for something rather simple, almost like a classic 80’s game console or original PC the big chunky ones with the 1 1/4 inch drives.

The droids wander in packs, trying to shield themselves from the predators on the planet, they hover but can only move on land.

Remember the 1 1/4 inch drive?
The Survivor Droid – 80’s PC
Survivors under attack!

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