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Whilst I continue with progress on the gameplay, I thought I’d introduce you to some of the key players in the game. I’ll be bringing you one of these on a regular basis as the countdown to release date closes in.

The Cyclomator’s are one of the key enemies in the game. The name is borne out of a mixture of their capability and their purpose.

The planet surface is littered with trash, downed ships and general detritus. This brings with it an opportunity, trash can be recycled, gems and precious metals can be found and the Cyclomator’s collective this for recycling in the Recyclomator’s (more of those in the future).

The Cyclomator’s themselves are tough old beasts, they can move quickly when they need to, they are heavily defended and sadly for your protagonist they are after the same Droid Survivor’s as you are.

I’ve added some initial base concept art and wireframes as they have moved through development, the final models will be revealed in the final stages of testing, which I will share with you.

Low poly mesh – Cyclomator

Cyclomator rough WIP sketch, basic movement functionality and docking procedure.
Cyclomator recharge units

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